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Valerie Hannon

Thought Leader

United Kingdom

Alastair Blyth

Principal Lecturer - Professional Studies and Ethics

United Kingdom

James Clarke

Design Director

United Kingdom

Alexander Bell

Director - leadership and innovation coaching

Domingo Garcia


United Kingdom
Technology & IT

Rory Ryder

Founder (www.iEdutainments.com)

United Kingdom
Technology & IT

Alicia Clyde

Strategic Business Development Specialist

David Parejo

Systemic Change Maker

Andrew Bleach

Scrum Master/IT Trainer

United Kingdom
Technology & IT

Bev Adams


United Kingdom

Alex Moxon

Outdoor & Experiential Educator - Sustainability & Service Learning

United Kingdom

Hannah Thomas

Currently secondary teacher, enrolled on Psychology of Education MA Sept start

Silvia Vilar Gonzalez

Modern Foreign Languages and Cultures Lecturer. Academic Writing Coach for the Humanities

United Kingdom

Penny Hay

Reader in Creative Teaching and Learning

Adrienn Pasics

Senior Programme and Student Support / Education innovator

John Paul Fitzpatrick

Founder, TeachMindset

United Kingdom

Sarah Dalton

Parent & ex Further Education Lecturer

United Kingdom

Katherine Mengardon

Play and creativity educator

Rosina Dorelli

Curriculum Designer, DT and art teacher

Luna Gladman

Global Transformation Director

Nia Richards


Bianca Peel

Creative Learning Consultant

Carla Aerts

Thought leader and reinventing education