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Isaac Darko-Mensah

Country Director

Technology & IT

Alfredo Hernando

Founder of escuela21.org


Laura Llop Bru

Product Manager

Technology & IT

Lisa Marie Blaschke

Program Director, Management of Technology Enhanced Learning (MTEL)

Martin Jahr

Enterprise Consultant and Co-founder of a private alternative school

Eamon Kelly

Education Technology Consultant

Technology & IT

Eduard Muntaner-Perich

Designer of Learning Experiences

Rachelle Dene Poth

Teacher and EdTech Consultant, Speaker

Paul Redford

Associate Professor

Gundula Krawczyk-Wöhl

Owner and Coach

Katherine Acosta

Comunicadora para el Desarrollo

Maria Nieves Garrido Granado

Social and Educational Psychologist


FP Steiner


Edoardo Montenegro

Co-Founder and VP

Mary-Lou O'Brien


Technology & IT

Urs Chalupny

Deputy Director