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Meet and follow our active members

Will Richardson

Leadership Coach, Consultant, Author, Speaker

Jean (Barack) Habumugisha

Community Manager


Judit Llavina Serra

Partner Success Manager

Adam Barton

Visiting Fellow / Luce Scholar


Learnlife Big Questions

Research, Learner Design and Community Management


Dr. Viviana Alexandrowicz

Associate Professor

Stephanos Cherouvis

Senior Researcher


Adriano Di Prato

Partner: People, Culture & Communication

Joe Ng

Physical Education (PE) Teacher

Coaching & Wellness

Alastair Blyth

Principal Lecturer - Professional Studies and Ethics

Carolina Fernandez

Mindfulness Teacher

Coaching & Wellness

Missy Jena

Founding Director

Coaching & Wellness

Stephen Kendall-Jones

Principal, researcher, consultant, and coach.

Eduard Muntaner-Perich

Designer of Learning Experiences

Majeda Awawdeh

Founder and managing director

Fred Mindlin

Teaching Artist

Coaching & Wellness
Marketing & Communication

Bek Duyckers

Thought Leader in Residence

Justin Griggs

SEL leader

Coaching & Wellness

Zachary Reznichek

Curriculum Developer

Varun Poladiya

Co-Founder & CEO

Beejal Parekh

Education Consultant and Writer

Felix Marimon


Gayle Alexander

Founder and Video VA

Marketing & Communication