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Meet and follow our active members

Brian Bedrick

Head of Research and Development

Kathleen McClaskey

CEO & Chief Learning Officer

Tara Fagan

Project Director, Raranga Matihiko | Weaving Digital Futures

Alexander Bell

Director - leadership and innovation coaching

Alberto Treves

School building consultant


Dan Pardy

District Coordinator for 21st Century Learning

Zachary Reznichek

Curriculum Developer

Asad Warraich

Country Director- Pakistan

Matt Morley


Environment & Sustainability

Katherine Acosta

Comunicadora para el Desarrollo

Beejal Parekh

Education Consultant and Writer

Giancarlo Brotto

Cofounder and Executive Director

David Cunningham

Educator, Development Worker

Kirsten Timmer

Founder & CEO, Psychotherapist

Pharan Akhtarkhavari

Learning facilitator / Thinker / Change maker

Tamara De Sales

Senior Manager - Partnerships

Milo de Prieto

Ambassador of Wonderland

Paz Pirovano

Learning Guide Assistant