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Meet and follow our active members

Alicia Clyde

Strategic Business Development Specialist

Joanna Sweetland

Home Educator and Co - Director of Streams Education

Cris Menchaaca

Education Consultant /Learning Coach / Podcaster

Rajalakshmi Prithviraj

Positive Psychologist, Educationist and School Administrator

Lizzi Phillips

Creative Schools Lead

Mònica Olivé

Digital Transformation Director

Steffi Michailowa

HR specialist

Chris Ramsden

Educational Consultant

Hector Arreola Ibarra


Leadership & Management

Anthony Butler

Advancement Officer

Leadership & Management

kirti sambhus

Lead, Skilling and Capability

Michelle Culver

Co-Founder, Systems Learning Lab

Paulina Sánchez

Smile10 Co-Founder

Joan Pratdepadua


Silvia Breiburd

Global Educator

Mary-Anne Murphy

Educational Thought Leader

Grace Banks

Outdoor Practitioner

Community Development

Natalia Ruiz de Cortázar

Directora General

Anastasios Proios Doukas

Lead Coordinator

Community Development

David Zekaria

Transportation Lead

Project Management

Stefany Bogatan

Partnerships and Projects

Community Development

Jemima Waller

Teacher of English Language and Literature (also History of Art, Extended Project Qualification and Critical Thinking)

Janette Adams

Primary teacher / Learning & Teaching Coordinator / Owner @activoenglish

Sabina Mihailescu

CEO & Co-Founder

Project Management
Leadership & Management