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Nicholas Johnson

Education Leader

Leadership & Management

Adam Collis

At the nexus of learning, work and society

Mika Kasanen

Co-Founder & CEO

Judith Tenhumberg

Brand Conclsultant/ Coach

Project Management

Hollie Noonan

Director or Communications

Community Development

Yeshwanth Raj Parasmal

Managing Director

Leadership & Management

Lois McGill

Director of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Rebecca Chambers

Executive Director

Sunil Kumar


Project Management
Leadership & Management

Basti Hirsch

Project Management

Project Management

Madita Heubach

Educationsystemdesigner (Bildungssystemdesignerin)

Hannah Thomas

Currently secondary teacher, enrolled on Psychology of Education MA Sept start

Isabela Villas Boas

Managing Partner

Leadership & Management

Adrienn Pasics

Senior Programme and Student Support / Education innovator

Daniel Bialecki


Ankit Khandelwal

Edtech researcher

Community Development

Charlotte Fitzgerald


Community Development
Social Development

John Paul Fitzpatrick

Founder, TeachMindset

Julia Campbell

Assistant Principal

Pauline Maring

Co-Founder of Nexxdott, Learning & Development

Mariam Hussien

Instructional Technology Officer