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Oliver Hauschke

Author, Ex-High School Principal & teacher

Alastair Blyth

Principal Lecturer - Professional Studies and Ethics

Carolina Fernandez

Mindfulness Teacher

Nila Poasa


Community Development
Media & Communication

Missy Jena

Founding Director

Deb Masters

Senior Program Director

Christoph Schmitt

Learning investigator and expedition companion for new learning cultures

Stephen Kendall-Jones

Principal, researcher, consultant, and coach.

Judith Alalu

Expressive art therapy

Community Development

Mark Treadwell

International Education Consultant


Eduard Muntaner-Perich

Designer of Learning Experiences

Majeda Awawdeh

Founder and managing director

Kevin Stoller

Creating Better Learning Environments - CEO, Author, Podcast Host

Rachelle Dene Poth

Teacher and EdTech Consultant, Speaker

Kathleen McClaskey

CEO & Chief Learning Officer

Alexander Bell

Director - leadership and innovation coaching

Dan Pardy

District Coordinator for 21st Century Learning

Bek Duyckers

Thought Leader in Residence

Jagadish Reddy

Founder & CEO at INschools INDIA


Carla Meyrink

Head of school

Beejal Parekh

Education Consultant and Writer