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Isaac Darko-Mensah

Humanitarian Engineer

Technology & IT

Christopher Pommerening

Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer of Learnlife

Valerie Hannon

Thought Leader


Will Richardson

Leadership Coach, Consultant, Author, Speaker

Laura Llop Bru

Product Manager

Technology & IT

Grant Rix

Director - Training and Programmes


Lisa Marie Blaschke

Program Director, Management of Technology Enhanced Learning (MTEL)

Katelijne Vercaeren

Founder and Dream Maker


Craig Vezina

Executive Director

Luba Vangelova



Niels Hansa



Loni Bergqvist

Founder and CEO


Paul Rogers

Associate Professor, Senior Scholar, Chair, Strategic Advisor

Martin Jahr

Enterprise Consultant and Co-founder of a private alternative school

Sofia Gallis

Leadership Team, Global Research and Development Director

Jane Ward

Assistant Principal: Learning & Teaching

Eamon Kelly

Education Technology Consultant

Technology & IT

Ibrahim Alobaid

Professor of Foundations of Education

Jen Neish

Teacher/Year Adviser

Oliver Hauschke

Author, Ex-High School Principal & teacher

Carolina Fernandez

Mindfulness Teacher

Missy Jena

Founding Director

Deb Masters

Senior Program Director

Christoph Schmitt

Learning investigator and expedition companion for new learning cultures