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Elizabeth Werbe

Innovation educational leader and coach

Chris Ramsden

Educational Consultant

Linda Ledwidge

Holistic Wellness Expert

Joanna McCullough

Curriculum Manager

kirti sambhus

Lead, Skilling and Capability

María Paula Tavella

STEAM Teacher

Kévin Le Gal

Youth Initiatives Support & Project Coordinator

Pilar Cortada

PhD candidate at UAB


Avril Louise Clarke

Project Manager and Clinical Sexologist


Cherylynne Gostelow

Principal and CEO

Mary-Anne Murphy

Educational Thought Leader

Andrew Bleach

Scrum Master/IT Trainer

Technology & IT

Ronald Canuel

Award-winning Education Strategist


Harry Martinian

Senior Transcendental Meditation Teacher


Sue Heysen

Semi retired teacher/principal

Amanda O'Mara

Tech and Engineering Teacher

Maria Luz Giambartolomei

Learning and Change Manager