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Natalie Fanariotis

Head of Wellbeing

Liza Loop

innovator, influencer, vision keeper


Lissette Rojas

TrixandTrax CEO & Co-Founder / Hundred Country Lead

George R. Stein

Founder | Director

Marie Robinson

School Superintendent


Cris Menchaaca

Education Consultant /Learning Coach / Podcaster

Rajalakshmi Prithviraj

Positive Psychologist, Educationist and School Administrator

Mònica Olivé

Digital Transformation Director

Sandra Weckert

CEO braintreeacademy


Keagan O'Mara

Art Integration Specialist

Elizabeth Werbe

Innovation educational leader and coach

Linda Ledwidge

Holistic Wellness Expert

Joanna McCullough

Curriculum Manager

kirti sambhus

Lead, Skilling and Capability