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Luis Alberto Camargo

Executive Director

Environment & Sustainability

Craig Vezina

Executive Director

Sofia Gallis

Leadership Team, Global Research and Development Director

Marco van Hout

Creative Director/ Co-founder

Christoph Schmitt

Learning investigator and expedition companion for new learning cultures

Stephen Kendall-Jones

Principal, researcher, consultant, and coach.

Sabine Gessenich

Learning Consultant

Kyle Wagner

Innovative Learning Consultant and Trainer

Maureen Ferry


Environment & Sustainability

Martin Kolman

Freelance educator

Ruggero Poi

Cittadellarte's Department of Learning Environments director

Gundula Krawczyk-Wöhl

Owner and Coach

Valerie Hutt


Environment & Sustainability

Alexander Bell

Director - leadership and innovation coaching

Dan Pardy

District Coordinator for 21st Century Learning

Neus Portas

Founder and CEO

Matt Morley


Environment & Sustainability

Joerg Weisner



Kim Cullen

Educator, Writer, School Leader, Coach/Consultant