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Will Richardson

Leadership Coach, Consultant, Author, Speaker

Joe Ng

Physical Education (PE) Teacher

Coaching & Wellness

Carolina Fernandez

Mindfulness Teacher

Coaching & Wellness

Missy Jena

Founding Director

Coaching & Wellness

Justin Griggs

SEL leader

Coaching & Wellness

Zachary Reznichek

Curriculum Developer

Delia Martin


Coaching & Wellness

Bettina Meléndez


Rajalakshmi Prithviraj

Positive Psychologist, Educationist and School Administrator

Lizzi Phillips

Creative Schools Lead

Elizabeth Werbe

Innovation educational leader and coach

Linda Ledwidge

Holistic Wellness Expert

Coaching & Wellness

Michelle Silbernagel

Independent Educational Consultant

Sue Heysen

Semi retired teacher/principal

Dr. Rick Stevenson

Founder The 5000 Days Project Lead Personal Story Mentor

Coaching & Wellness

Paola Andrea Ortiz Mendoza


Coaching & Wellness



Coaching & Wellness

Hannah Thomas

Currently secondary teacher, enrolled on Psychology of Education MA Sept start