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Alison Borthwick

International Education and Mathematics Consultant

Juan Calderón


George Chilianis

Domain Leader Mathematics and Assistant Director of Curriculum

Eamon Kelly

Education Technology Consultant

Jake Madden

Executive Principal

Dale Rigby

Learning Specialist

Sandra Ospina

Steam coordinator / head of academic data

Paul Fox

Coordinator, Degree in Digital Business, Design and Innovation

Cristina Valero

educator, designer & researcher

Maria Adúriz

Language Teacher

Jeff Horner

Assessment and Curriculum Coordinator | Chair of Blended Learning

Claudia Wittmann

High School Teacher

Anupama Khatana


Richard Donnelly

STEAM Schools Manager

Dragana Coric

University professor

Sven Kirkerup

Managing Director

Concepció Reig


Blair Hungerford

Leader of Learning

Richard Hainsworth


Patricia Johnson


Matt Piercy

MS Social Studies Teacher

Christian Müler

Co-Founder intrinsic

Carol Ibanez


Ibrahim Alobaid

Professor of Foundations of Education

Jen Neish

Teacher/Year Adviser